Become a Lili gambettes Ambassador and win gift vouchers!

You love our brand of tights, but your favorite store doesn't sell our products?
Know that you can tell them about our brand.

If your favorite store contacts us on your behalf and is interested in our products (without following up), win a €5 gift voucher usable from your customer account.

If your favorite store places an order thanks to you, benefit from a €50 gift voucher usable from your customer account.

Becoming a Lili gambettes ambassador, beyond all the advantages that this brings, is a guarantee of charity and support for our small emerging brand.
You then participate in its growth and development locally, while providing the customers of the store that you have contacted with original tights that cannot be found anywhere else.

Join the adventure now!

If the merchant is interested in our products, he/she can contact us by email (only) on
At this time, tell him your last name and first name as well as the email address to which your Lili Gambettes account is attached.
We then send him our detailed catalogs as well as an order form by email.
At this stage, you benefit from a €5 gift voucher that can be used from your account.

If your store subsequently places an order thanks to you , we will thank you by giving you a €50 gift voucher .

PS: Our Facebook page and other social networks are under no circumstances recommended for this type of contact. Use only our email address provided for this purpose to contact us.